Our jacks' life ...

N e w   Y e a r ' s   w a l k   1/1/2009
F o x - h u n t i n g   6 / 2 0 0 8
We closed this day in our pool
Deniska, Pavel and Bono
Misa with Niagara, in left laughing Deniska :o)
Lancellot and Niagara
Little UK Hero with my husband Pavel -
first meet with fox
first snow in 2007
Czech Terriers' Breeders Club Show 9/2007
January walk ... (2006)
all our jacks
all our jacks

puppy from our kennel
bought singer Dara Rolins

Zuza and Cricket
in Luxembourg
on spanish coast
visit in stable
winter pleasures - February 2004
"... by the sea "
Chocotoff with Cricket
Eurodog Bratislava 2003
Inka, Biba, Sendy and Zuza in Kosice (SK) 7/2003
war about toy (Sendy and Zuza)
Biba - Dogshow Katowice 20003
Zuza and Bibi - April 2003
Zuza, Bibi and me